"Heroes" Volume 4 - "Fugitives"

Another Heroes volume, another three months of twists, turns, and alleyways of what we call the morally grey. So far Nathan Petrelli, with the help of the American government, is rounding up heroes with plans to imprison them in a facility, and placing the heroes on the run.

The last few episodes bring up the big question on whether “the greater good” is worth everything. Within the last few weeks, we’ve seen Nathan’s plan to contain those with abilities bring the destruction of lives and the imprisonment of innocents — including his own brother, Peter. He truly believes in what he’s doing but his actions are — at best — questionable. What’s worse, he’s enlisted the help of “the Hunter” a former military man who is like a wild dog on a leash just waiting for the chain to break. Despite Nathan’s call for no bloodshed the Hunter obviously lusts after it. That alone makes him beyond dangerous. Nathan, for all is political power, will not be to control this man for long.

To protect his daughter Claire, Noah Bennet — aka Horned Rimmed Glasses (HRG) — agrees to help Nathan after the Company is destroyed. This is no surprise there. Since the beginning of the show, we’ve questioned about how far he’s willing to go to protect his daughter. He’s kidnapped, murdered and tortured people for her, and yet we accept it because of the bond between father and daughter. We will definitely see how far he is willing to go to “prove his loyalty” to Nathan and the Hunter, and I think sometime this season he’ll have to make the ultimate sacrifice for her: this life.

Scared, vengeful and determined to fight back, Mohinder, Peter and Matt kidnap HRG to figure out what’s going on. Matt, torn up by the kidnapping of his girlfriend Daphne last week, is more determined than any of them to “do whatever it takes” to find out what’s going on. Using his mind-reading powers, he interrogates Noah in a way that’s almost torture — threatening to mess up the man’s brain if he has to. His actions lead him and Peter to be caught and Mohinder to be captured.

Each of these characters made choices because of a number of different reasons: for the greater good, for truth, for protection. They are willing to forgo what we might call “human mortality” — good/evil and right/wrong — to get what they want. Is it worth it? On the one hand, things get done, outcomes are made. On the other, people get hurt. Badly. These heroes see themselves in a time of war. In times of war, hard decisions are made. I’m almost positive that soon they will have to make even harder decisions before too long.
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"The Bachelor". Only two roses left.


In tonight's episode, bachelor Jason Mesnick brings the remaining three bachelorettes -Molly, Melissa, and Jillian to New Zealand!

Date #1 with Jillian:

Jason and Jillian go on a helicopter ride overlooking snowy mountain tops and New Zealand. Jason is glad Jill is with him to experience this moment. They sit on a cliff that overlooks New Zealand and discuss their relationship. Jillian says she has never connected with anyone more than she has with Jason. She says she is looking for someone who can be her best friend and thinks Jason can be that best friend. How cute... Jason says he is looking for someone more than just a best friend. Hmmm.....hint hint?

He wants to find out if him and Jill have PASSION. If they have romantic chemistry.

So Jason brings Jillian to a winery. Jill tells Jason that when she is with him, she gets butterflies. She never expected them to have so much fun and have such a great connection with each other. It's something different that she has never had. She tells Jason she is crazy about him. Jason smiles at what he hears and invites her back to "The Fantasy Suite" where they can stay the night as a couple.

She hopes Jason can handle all her "fire." Whoa Jill hoooooold your horses!

Then they head over to the hot tub where things get pretty heated. Passion? Yes. Romantic chemistry? Yes. Best friends forever? I don't think so......

Date #2 with Molly:

Jason covers Molly's face and to her surprise, they are on a bridge and their date consists of bungee jumping! Molly is scared, but they count to three and fall...Molly screams "Let's do it again!" Molly says her parents love Jason (they didn't love or like her last boyfriend). Molly has a list of questions to ask Jason such as, "What is your favorite ice cream?" "Or..What is your favorite place in the world?" Etc, etc, etc. She saves one last question for their evening date.

Jason says he adores Molly and can picture her as his wife. He needs to know that she cares about him the way he does for her. He is scared she'll shy up. Molly says she wants to let her guard down for Jason. Molly finally breaks down her wall and admits she is falling in love with him. Woo. Kudos for Molly letting her guard down. Molly's last question was to ask Jason to stay the night with her. He still insists to show Mol the "Fantasy Suite" and thanks Mol for opening up to him.

Date #3 with Melissa:

Melissa runs and jumps into Jason's arms. In last week's episode, Jason did not get to meet Melissa's parents because they weren't comfortable with the public-ness of it all. Melissa knows she can get hurt but is willing to put her heart out there for Jason because he is worth it. Their date consists of going to a hot pool/tub where they discuss Melissa's parents. Jason is disappointed he didn't get to meet Melissa's parents. Apparently, she has not yet spoken to her parents since last week's episode. Melissa wishes they could be a part of her experience with Jason. Jason says he can fall in love with Melissa without meeting her parents but it can only go so far. In their evening date, Melissa tells Jason she was terrified to tell him he would not be able to meet her parents. She asks him if it's a big deal and he responds with, "it's hard because I met everyone else's families and it's really important to meet your parents." However, he got to see Melissa's friends, which he wasn't able to do with the other girls. Jason gives Melissa the "Fantasy Suite" card. Of course she says "ABSOLUTELY." In the "Fantasy Suite" Melissa tells Jason she has never felt like this before and that she has fallen in love with him.

Jason meeting with Chris Harrison:

When Jason goes to talk to Chris Harrison, Chris tells Jason the three women have made personal video messages for him. The girls' last plea! Jason watches the videos and gets emotional. He doesn't know how he will send anyone home.

In the Final Rose Ceremony:

Jason gets choked up once again. He tells the girls he has fallen for all three of them but has to send one home. Jason gives his first rose to Melissa. He gives his last rose to...dun dun dun...Molly. And then there were two.

My thoughts: I absolutely love Melissa. She is adorable and anyone who watches "The Bachelor" can tell they have sparks flying everywhere. Melissa is the most genuine when it comes to her feelings. I think Molly is cute, bubbly, and goofy, but I don't think she's right for Jason. I think they have great chemistry, but he has more with Melissa. Jillian I liked as well, but I'm pretty much betting on Melissa. Actually, I KNOW it's Melissa. I've read it on Jason's Myspace, I've even seen a video of it! According to the website The Hollywood Gossip, some guy posted up a video of his evidence to support his conclusion that Melissa does in fact win "The Bachelor."

Here's the link and the video:


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