"The Bachelor" Shocker

Wow, what a rollercoaster ride it has been watching this season of "The Bachelor".

On tonight's finale, Melissa and Molly got to meet Jason's family, Deanna came back to tell Jason she made a mistake and that he still has a chance, and Jason proposes to Melissa. On the After the Final Rose, however, Jason breaks up with Melissa and tells her he still has feelings for Molly.

Where oh where do I begin?

Let me start with how great Melissa was with Jason's family, especially with Ty. I could see them being a family together. Ty adored her. Melissa just had this motherly quality about her that made me know she was the perfect one for Jason. The one he truly needs.

Deanna came back on "The Bachelor" finale to let Jason know she made a mistake and she should have chosen him, but she didn't follow her heart or her head. She said she got caught up with someone she thought she was going to have fun with. Deanna advised Jason to LEAD his heart and to look further in the two girls. This was by far the smartest thing I've ever heard Deanna say.

I was happy when I saw Jason propose to Melissa, although I had a feeling my happiness was not going to last very long. Jason did seem genuine about his feelings for her because he tells her he is completely in love.

Well...on the After the Final Rose show, Jason told Chris Harrison that Melissa knew Jason felt differently. He also told Chris that he is still in love with Molly and that he would always regret not asking Molly "what if?"

When Melissa came out, she looked as if she had no idea what was going on. Jason proceeded to tell her that they aren't right for each other and that the chemistry is gone between them. He told Melissa he still has feelings for Molly and if he could control his heart and his head he would, but he can't.

What?! Jason, seriously? How could he tell Melissa he loved her, and then break up with her on television? How could this happen? Especially since he knew Melissa had always been the dumpee in her past relationships. Why would he put her through this torture?

I've come to the conclusion that Melissa is Deanna's Jason. Melissa is a warm, caring woman that Jason ultimately needs. The one that would have been perfect for him.

Molly on the other hand, is Deanna's Jesse. Molly is the sporty, exciting wild card, but I really, truly, can't see a future with them. Not a lasting one at least. I just can't.

While watching the After the Final Rose, I could tell that Melissa was really hurt. She asked Jason how he could put a ring on her finger, ask her to marry him, and then tell her it won't work without trying. Jason really did not try at all with Melissa. If you really love someone you will try your best to make things work and if that fails, you try again and again. Jason obviously didn't try with Melissa, especially since after he broke up with her he tells Molly he still loves her and that she is the one he wants to be with. How could he change his mind so quickly?

What Reality Steve said about Jason contacting Molly while engaged to Melissa makes TOTAL sense. If he really wanted Melissa and felt horrible about hurting her, he wouldn't bring Molly to the SAME show to tell her he wants another chance, then KISS her passionately when she says they can see where things go.

I really liked Jason before tonight. Like many fans, we watched the show because we supported Jason and wanted him to find true love. Okay, so maybe he will find "true love" with Molly, but we didn't expect him to break someone's heart on national television in the process! After he proposed to her!

After watching Melissa leave the After the Final Rose show, I felt disgusted with Jason. We thought Deanna was messed up for letting Jason get down on one knee only to reject him, but THIS? Breaking up with a woman you proposed to on television? We thought Brad not choosing any of the women in the finale was bad. Ha! THIS is bad. Jason could quite possibly be the worst bachelor...ever.

At least Melissa left the show with class and integrity. Before she left, she told Jason good luck in the future and good luck with Molly. She was obviously upset, but kudos to her for being extremely classy because if that happened to me, all hell would break loose.

Reality Steve was absolutely correct in his speculations about the outcome of the show. To the fans, how do you all feel about the After the Final Rose? Are you satisfied? Will you be watching future episodes of "The Bachelor"?

I pretty much think this season has done it for me. I don't think I'm emotionally ready to handle this show.
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Reality Steve Discusses "The Bachelor" Finale


This guy known as Reality Steve has been posting Youtube videos about "The Bachelor" finale. He claims that he knows the outcome of the Final Rose Ceremony where Jason dumps Melissa and dates Molly. Reality Steve says that ABC was behind this all along and told Jason to go for Melissa even though he already knew he wanted Molly.

As we know, "The Bachelor" finale is on tonight at 8 p.m. and the After the Final Rose will be on right after. Many fans have posted on "The Bachelor" community blog saying they believe Reality Steve's speculations about the final outcome. Personally, if all of this is correct, I will feel so lame for telling everyone how great Jason is and how sorry I was for him when Deanna broke his heart. If Jason really does break up with Melissa on T.V. and lets her know he is with Molly, I will lose so much respect for Jason and feel my excitement for this season was a waste of time!

If you think about it though, many fans knew Melissa was going to win. Reality Steve says this is correct. Jason does propose to Melissa, but breaks up with her on the ATFR. ABC probably knew fans would figure out it was Melissa, but why would they make it so easy?? Of course they would have a twist! It makes perfect sense.

But we don't REALLY know what happens until we watch tonight's show, so we'll just have to wait and see if Reality Steve has been correct all along.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Jason was really in on this? Do you think he dumps Melissa for Molly?

I am bubbling inside! I'm nervous about watching tonight's episode and the ATFR because I don't want Reality Steve to be right. However, like everyone else, I can't wait to see what will happen. Especially since Deanna comes back to talk to Jason.

Reality Steve has four videos posted. Here they are.


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