"Heroes" Episode 7

Chapter 7 “Eris Quod Sum”

Spoiler Alert

Synopsis: Hiro meets Usutu a.k.a. “The African” and is sent on his own Spirit Walk. Daphne is sent to kill Matt. Sylar is sent to rescue Peter, who’s powers are now lost. Mohinder is hired by Pinehearst to make a new formula. Tracy and Nathan are hanging out at Mohinder’s lab. Elle, once an agent of the Company, and Claire head to Pinehearst so they can have their power problems fixed.

• Hiro refuses to travel to the past, so Usutu gives him the “Precog Paste” that he gave Matt a few episodes ago so he can go back to the past without physically going to the past. From the look of the Episode 8 promo, it features this little trip. These little flashback episodes always interesting, so I’m looking forward to this one.

• Daphne is sent to kill Matt because he won’t join the villains, but Matt convinces her not to. Matt uses to use his “mind mojo thingy” to make one of the villains (Knox) think that’s he and Daphne is dead, and they plan on taking Pinehearst down. Only it turns out it was all planned by Arthur Petrelli, to make Matt think they she was on his side. I’m predicting a “She’s All That” road here, and Daphne will end up falling for Matt before the season’s over.

• Mohinder takes Maya to Pinehearst to help her. Then he’s hired by the company to make a new kind of Formula-H, with No-Power-Peter as his test subject. I’m actually growing tired of the Mohinder plot-line, to be honest. Either turn into a cockroach or don’t for goodness sake.

• At least Arthur Petrelli did the one thing Mohinder couldn’t and took away Maya’s power. It looks like she’s left the scene for awhile so she can do some good in the world in the world.

• Mama Patrelli convinces Sylar to rescue Peter from the Pinehearst fortress, which he does. Only while Peter escapes, Sylar is captured by his father, and he tells his son that Mama tried to kill him as a baby. So Sylar switches sides. As I’ve said before, I like the depth they’ve shown with Sylar, but it turns out that underneath it all, he’s a bit of a mama/papa’s boy. Even though he’s switched sides, I think he’s taken his brotherly duty seriously (see next bullet).

• Peter refuses to join his father’s team, so is locked up. After Sylar rescues Peter and is captured. Peter does the right thing and comes back for Sylar, only to be thrown out the window from seven stories. And even though he doesn’t have his powers, he survives. It seems like Sylar kept him from dying by slowing the fall.

• Elle, the electric-controlling chick from last season shows up again and apparently can’t control her powers anymore, and fries herself more often than not. So she head’s to Claire’s house to find her father, and the two of them end up heading to Pinehearst to get fixed (remember that Claire can’t feel pain). They conveniently are there to witness Peter being thrown out a window, and while Claire tries to help Peter get away, Elle goes in to have her power taken away. Elle and Daphne seem to be sort of anti-heroes here, because they are extremely powerful and do have some good in them, they are both are very self-serving and fearful. Should be interesting to see what’s cooked up for Elle. My guess she may regret her decision.

• Nathan and Tracy are trapped in Mohinder’s lap for a while, until Noah (Claire’s adopted dad) and Meredith find them. Claire gets a hold of Nathan (who’s her bio-logical father) to tell him about Peter. He finds out from his brother that their father is still alive, which makes him head for Pinehearst to confront him. He’s going to get his butt kicked, I just know it.

• Interesting fact: “Eris Quod Sum” is Latin for “I am what you will be.” Which I guess has something to do with Sylar and that according to Arthur, “revenge is in [the Petrellis] blood.”

Praise: The interaction of the characters is really neat to see, and the way the heroes started apart and are now swarming coming together are really interesting.

Complaints: Less faster-paced than in the past, with some parts (like the encounters between Mohinder and Maya) a little listless. However, it's nice to take a rest stop after a long ca rride.

Best Part: Sylar’s break in to rescue Peter was pretty cool.

Grade: B


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