Continuing with 'Heroes' episode 2

For the record, all entries will either be made the night of or the morning after each episode. This tardiness will not be normal.

“The Butterfly Effect.”

Again, spoiler alert.

• Emo-Claire is already getting annoying. I mean, I know having your brain picked at is no fun and all, but really all she is feeling sorry for herself and lately that’s all she seems to do. I do agree that she does need to learn to fight. “Victim!Claire” is getting old.

• Personally, I like Mama Petrelli’s power, and her dream was definitely a chill-factor. Her observation of Future-Peter hit the spot: “You’re not as smart as you think you are.” A bit harsh but true.

• Three words about Mohinder’s power: Spider Man, anyone? But he finally seemed to grow some and not even halfway through he’s hitting the sack with Maya. You’d think after her last fiasco of a relationship she’d be a little careful. Whatever. Mohinder’s bad case of skin peeling at the end brings to mind the old saying “Be careful what you wish for — you just might get it.”

• I’m interested in what Matt Parkman, another favorite character of mine, is going to experience in the next few episodes. Could be the start of some more character development. I loved his exchange with the painter in the middle of the desert. “Do you know Britney Spears?”

• Hiro redeems himself slightly from last episode’s stupidity by realizing the importance of a high school metal. His reference to her being Cat Woman was interesting, because there was always a little bit of a love-hate relationship between her and Batman. Foreshadowing, maybe?

• One more note on Hiro: anyone else thought that the last two episodes tried a little too hard to make Future-Ando seem like the baddie? One thing I’ve learned about this show is that almost nothing is as it appears.

• Last episode we caught a glimpse of Tracy Strauss, who works for the governor, looks remarkably like Niki, and personality-wise seems like a less psycho-version of Jessica. How’s that happening? I rule out cloning, but I might somewhat accept if she were a twin. The “Mr. Freeze” thing is interesting. Does this mean that she can’t touch anything without turning it into an icicle, or was it entirely because of the adrenalin thing?

• Linderman showing up was one of the “what the hell?” moments, and my guess he’s got his fingers in a few more pies than what’s first shown. The way Linderman responds to Nathan’s insistence that “he’s in control” seems almost mocking. Hopefully, whatever Linderman the White has planned doesn’t include blowing up anything. Of course, since Nathan is the only one to see him, it could just be a figment of the imagination.

• Of course, the biggie of the episode was the villains escaping in level 5. We didn’t see much of them, but what we did makes me feel for the next poor soul to come across them. Looks like things just got a whole lot messier.
• Number 1 “What the hell?” moment? Mama Petrelli has another son. Hint: he’s had plenty of practice in dissection.…

Praise: Even better than “The Second Coming.” We saw a new side to many of the characters, and the familiar “wth?” moments. In a way, ending the way it did made me remember how I somewhat missed the chapter cliff hangers.

Complaint: I wish those who were dead would stay dead. It’s getting harder to believably explain why they’re alive (not that anything in the show is “believable,” but even then there comes a point).

Best Lines: Entire Matt/African painter exchange — corny or not I couldn’t help laughing.

Grade: A

Anyone has any thoughts, feel free to post — I’m interested in hearing from my fellows.