'Heroes' returns: episode one recap

After nine months, the wait is over. “Heroes” is back, and has rolled onto the scene bigger and grittier than ever before.

I won’t bore you with a complete recap of the last two seasons, because I’m going to assume you’ve seen them. I’m not even going dish out the whole episodes, either, because even then it’s like 10 pages long. This is just where I can gush, complain, and/or predict about one of my favorite shows. Those who have not seen season three’s “The Second Coming” or “The Butterfly Effect” should leave now.

You can watch the full episode at www.nbc.com.

Huge spoiler alert past this point.

“The Second Coming:”

• First scene a great way to start off — it brings the mystery right in. I’m a little curious as to what Future Claire said about being “special.” As if never dying isn’t special enough?

• Future Peter shooting his brother never occurred to me. I always thought it was like Elle on her father’s orders or something.

• I’ll admit that Hiro is one of my two favorite characters, but seriously, for once, Ando had it right. “Don’t open the safe” is not code for, “Ignore this DVD message.” Why is it that no one ever listens?

• Speaking of which, Daphne . . . I’m waiting a few more episodes before I place my verdict of her, because right now she seems like another Elle to me, and she’s not one of my favorite character. Although it makes sense for the one who tries to embody the most of what a superhero should be like to have an “Arch-nemesis.”

• Syler finally got what he wanted in the beginning: Claire’s powers. It seemed a little anticlimactic. I mean, season one’s all about that not happening and a year and a half later, boom — Syler’s prodding Claire’s brain like a science student at dissection day. Glad to see Syler doesn’t eat brains. I mean, the whole thing is gross I don’t get as many images of those cheesy old alien movies. The real question is why didn’t he kill her—and I don’t think it’s because of some kind of warped kindness, either.

• Another season wouldn’t be complete without at least one miraculous resurrection. This time it’s Nathan, who, upon his awakening claims to have found God. Now all I need is the squirrels dancing the cha-cha and I’ve seen everything.

• Knew something was fishy as soon as soon as week lost sight of Present Peter, but anyone else thrown by where he was? Should be interesting as to how Present Peter gets out of that one.

Praise: What a way to begin the new season! Without missing a beat the show goes into its tug-a-war with answering questions and bringing up more. Just like being in a comic book, we’re thrown from one character to the next so fast it hard to keep track of everyone. But I think that’s a good thing, because if this keeps going, we could look forward to a much faster paced season than last one.

Complaints: After last season I’m slightly sick of time travel. It seems like whenever the writers want a plot, someone has to go forward or go back in time and screw things up. It’s a bit too recurring for me.

Favorite Line: Syler: “Eat your brain? Claire, that’s disgusting.” – (Come on, you’ve got to enjoy the irony.)

Final Grade: A-

Photo Credit: Chris Haston/NBC/MCT