'Family Guy' losing its way

Sunday was the premiere of "Family Guy" season seven. It was funny and as always, enjoyable. However, it just doesn't feel like the same old "Family Guy" that I came to love all those years ago.

Most fans will agree that the show has never been the same after season three. For those not aware, the show was canceled. Then, it was later revived after huge sales of the show on DVD. It was considered too edgy for its time. Now, the first three seasons seem tame.

It seems that after the return, the writers felt that they could do whatever they want and it won't matter. There is no doubt that "Family Guy" delivers a funny product; but, what about the characters and plots?

For example:

When is the last time that the show had a real plot line?

The show has taken on ADD, and filled its story lines with short random subplots. Apparently it's too difficult to pay attention to one major plot line.

Didn't Stewie want to kill Lois?

Sure we got that two-parter, but what happened to his diabolical plans? It is as if Stewie went from being Brain to Pinky ("Pinky and the Brain" was also an amazing show). Stewie can't be Pinky, because Stewie was evil. What happened?

Also in season three, we saw Stewie's sexuality being explored. Again, I say explored. When did he become a complete homosexual? More so, why is she trying to hook up with Brian?

And what happened to Brian?

He was the dry, sophisticated, satirical comic relief. Now he is just a bitter and angry jerk. It seems that the writers have lost the ability to write smart, witty, jokes for Brian.

As for the rest of the cast, they just seem to be more exaggerated as the seasons go by. Peter becomes more of an idiot. Lois just doesn't seem to care what goes on. Meg isn't as much of a punching bag as she used to be.

Even shows can't help but change over time. As I recall, the last time I saw this happen was with "The Simpsons."

Photo credit: Handout/MCT