'Heroes' Episode 3

Episode 3: “One of Us, One of Them”

Spoilers Alert

Official Synopsis from NBC: When four ruthless, powerful Villains — "Knox", Flint, The German and Jesse — bust into a bank and take hostages, Angela sends H.R.G. and his shocking, new empowered partner in after them. Determined to derail a cataclysmic future, Peter must first find what he lost along the way. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando track Daphne and part of "the formula" to Germany, but run afoul of The Haitian. Horrified by her ability, Tracy Strauss leaves Washington, D.C. to search for answers about Niki. A distraught Claire asks Meredith to teach her how to fight. As his romance with Maya intensifies, Suresh finds himself unprepared when his experiment yields some unexpected results.

· The biggest, worst villains the Company has escapes for the first time, and the best they can come up with is to rob a bank? Kind of cliché, actually. That Knox fellow gives me the creeps.

· Poor Peter — always trying to do the right thing. Knox’s ‘no one’s that heroic’ line is kind of ironic. Though since Future Peter’s old life has been changed, who knows what kind of future they’ll see.

· I never like Mama Petrelli much, but literally handing Skyler a power a la Unexpected Victim was a bit below the belt. She’s more ruthless than I thought. “He’s just misunderstood.” Bull. I’m not sure who she’s kidding — Skyler’s too much of a psychopath for her to even think about controlling him. You don’t give a gun to a murderer. A good though not unexpected choice to make H.R.G. his partner.

· Speaking of moms, Meredith’s showed a side I hadn’t expected in this episode. She’s a little naïve if she thinks she can show her daughter some tough love and that’ll be it. Claire more stubborn than that. Though we might have seen her — and maybe Skyler’s — only weakness: They can suffocate.

· Hiro 0. Daphne 2. Oi — if Daphne has the other half of the formula, it doesn’t look good. He’s got to learn to stop arguing with Ando after they’re almost done with a mission. I can understand why they’re both being jerks. Ando’s slightly resentful, because up until recently, Hiro almost always listened to him, and now he’s stuck being the Robin-who-can’t-do-much. On the other hand, Hiro’s distancing himself because of what he saw in the future. It’s natural for both of them to act this way. But they’ll both need to get over it soon if they’ll have any chance of winning anything.

· Matt has his very own stalker! Just kidding, but it’s strange that Matt’s the painter’s — turns out his name is Usutu — only subject. It’s hard to tell, but at the beginning, the chick holding the baby with Painting-Matt looked a lot like Daphne. Up until the Tracy surprise, the w.t.h. moment was when Matt got the ‘Fish Eyes’. Dying to find out what he sees in the future.

· The Tracy-Micah moment was kind of sweet — though I kept thinking Micah would turn into a Popsicle at any moment. How was Tracy ‘created?’ I hope it isn’t clones — clones are overrated and tacky.

Praise: It was kind of cool seeing the characters pushed in places they hadn’t before. I’m looking forward to seeing where they go next.

Complaint: Moved slightly slower than the last two episodes. Maybe I’m loosing it, but I don’t remember the scenes with each character being so short.

Best Part: “You’re telling us your plan? What kind of over-confident nemesis are you?” – Hiro. Also thought Skyler’s fake accent was an unexpected surprise. Both made me laugh.

Grade: B+