'Heroes' Episode 4

Chapter 4: “I Become Death”

Spoilers Alert

Synopsis: Future-Peter (F-Peter) takes Present Peter (P-Peter) to the future where everyone has abilities. Meanwhile, in the present, Hiro and Ando try to escape ‘Level Two’ of the Company’s prison, Nathan and Tracy get closer, and Mohinder tries to find a cure for his transformation.

· I almost feel sorry for Mohinder — the one time he let’s his weakness take over (remember that he gave himself powers with his newly discovered formula), and he has to go all crusty. On the other hand, he should have listened to Maya and gotten rid of it. I think the guy he just about kidnapped at the end will be Mohinder’s guinea pig — this new Mohinder would do it.

· If you remember, one of the WTH moment from last episode was learning Tracy was ‘created.’ It wasn’t clones, thank goodness, but still a little. Apparently, Tracy was one of three triplets whose birth parents had died and were treated as ‘test subjects’ for the ‘Hero Making formula (here on out called ‘Formula H’). The other two triplets were Niki and Barbra. The fact that there’s three of them makes me wonder if they’re going to eventually kill of Tracy and replace her with Barbra.

· Speaking of Tracy, it was kind of interesting seeing Nathan go ‘Superman’ and save her from killing herself. For me, it’s always kind of nice to see Nathan’s flying ability, because out of all the heroes he probably uses his the least. Their small make-out session was a little unexpected.

· Thank God that Hiro finally got his act together and apologized to Ando. It made me forgive him for all the stupid stuff he’s done so far (loosing both halves of Formula H, for one). It was kind of interesting seeing Mama Petrelli give Hiro the run down, but why is Adam — the immortal that Hiro locked in a coffin last season — ‘the key’ to solving everything?

· Switching to the future, turns out everyone is either born with or buys their powers. I completely despise Peter now. Why in the world would Future-Mohinder (who looks like he’s turned into a cockroach of some kind) tell him that Sylar’s power (which is to figure out how things work) is dangerous if it wasn’t? Even Future-Sylar told Peter it was a bad thing to have, because it gave the person ‘the hunger.’ And Peter shows he can’t control it when he slices Future-Nathan’s head, Sylar-style. This little change in personality was probably this week’s WTH moment.

· Future-Sylar was probably the most interesting character on this episode. I mean, simply because he’s been the Big Baddie of the show since the beginning, and in this future he has a son and is making waffles. It’s like Hannibal Lecter taking up knitting. With Mohinder becoming super-aggressive, is it possible that the roles could be switched — with Mohinder as the villain and Sylar the kind of anti-hero?

· I have a whole new respect for Hayden Panettiere, the actress who plays Claire. She played out Claire sadism and anger, especially when she sliced up P-Peter towards the end, in a very believable way. It good to see her as someone other than the victim — even if she did kill F-Peter.

· Last, I’m so proud of myself and my predicting ability. Remember that the African had painted a happy future for Matt, and then changed it to him holding a dead chick’s body? Matt wanted to see how he could the future and the African gave him some kind of fruit so he could see the future. I knew the chick in the painting was Daphne, and they make an interesting couple. Matt’s a mild-mannered kind of guy and Daphne’s a cheeky little thief. I think it’ll be interesting when she and Matt meet (because you know they’re going to eventually), and Matt tries to ‘save her.’

Praise: Probably this season’s best episode so far — showing complete turnaround for some of these characters made this chapter.

Complaints: None. For once, I was completely happy.

Best Part: There was so many, but my favorite has to be the scenes with Future Sylar. I’ve never been a Sylar fan, but this episode brought out a new depth and sympathy towards his character.

Grade: A+

Photo: Lionel Hahn/Abaca Press/MCT